Saputara best place to visit in monsoon.

Saputara is a hill town in the west Indian state of Gujarat. The Artist Village cultural center displays, and sells, tribal arts and crafts. Artifacts, including ritual objects, trace the heritage of the local Dang tribe at Saputara Tribal Museum.

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One of the most visited hill stations and weekend getaway in Gujarat, Saputara is located in the Dang district, very close to the Gujarat-Maharashtra border. The name ‘Saputara’ means ‘the home of serpents’, named so because there are a number of snake images found on the banks of the Sarpaganga river that flows through this town. If you are planning a visit to this picturesque paradise, here’s a 3 day itinerary plan that might help you plan your vacation at Saputara more efficiently.

History: Saputara has mythological importance as it is believed that Lord Rama spent 11 years of his exile here. The name Saputara literally means ‘Abode of Serpents’ and one can find an image of a snake situated on the shore of the river Sarpganga that flows through the town.

Getting to Saputara is shouldn’t be a bother, as this town is well connected, irrespective of your preferences regarding modes of travelling. The nearest airport is in Surat (168 km) and the nearest railway station is Waghai (50 km) on the Billimora – Waghai narrow gauge section of the Western Railways. Direct buses from Billimora to Saputara are available. Moreover, State Road Transport buses connect various cities and towns of both Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Here are some place you must have to visit in saputara

1.Sunset Point

sundset point at saputar

If you are up for the steep and exhausting climb to the top of the hill, you will be greeted by one of the most alluring sunsets you have ever seen. One of most popular things to do in Saputara is the visit to the Sunset Point. The sun slowly disappearing behind the meadows is a sight to behold. If you arrive a bit early, hop in for camel rides, horse rides. You can spend quality with your family trying out the many exciting things to do in Saputara.

2.Gira Falls

gira fall in saputara

Gira Falls is a amezing waterfall, which are at a distance of a kilometer from Saputara-Waghai Road in the town of Waghai. These falls lie in a hilly region and are about 30 m high. Emerging from the Kapri Tributary, the falls drop into the Ambica River. There are many picnic huts in the vicinity of Gira Falls, along with various small tea and snack stalls. The apt time to visit this place is  June to November.

3.Lake Gardens

lake garden saputara

The Lake garden, also known as Lake View Garden, mostly consists of rare species of trees and plants. The local authorities maintain it. The lake nearby creates a scenic and soothing environment that is very hard to replicate. The garden also has a playing ground and a sitting complex for kids and adults. One of  the most enjoyable things to do in Saputara is to go for a picnic with friends and family. The garden is open from March to April and July to August.

4.Mahal Forest

maha; fosrest saputara

Reckoned to be one of the densest forests in Gujarat, the Mahal forest is situated about 68kms from Saputara. This place is open for tourists only at a specific time during the year and the tourists are required to take special permission from the forest department to visit here. The Purna Wildlife Sanctuary and Girmal waterfalls are the major attractions here.

Adventure Activity in Saputara.

Trekking : Saputara has many options when it comes to trekking. Reach the Hatgadh Fort, an ancient citadel overlooking some spectacular landscapes. Perched at 3600 feet, trek the narrow rocky path in order to reach it. Or trek to the famous Pandava Gufa, a group of natural caves that are named after the mighty warrior brothers Pandavas, from Mahabharata – a great Hindu Epic. Get splendid views of the nearby tribal settlements while trekking to these caves. Also get to see the ancient fort nestled far across. If you want a night view of Saputara, then do a trek to the Townview Point, which is situated at a higher altitude from downtown. Behold the breathtaking scenic beauty from this amazing vantage point. The whole city glitters down below when you are here at night time.

Paragliding : Saputara is one of the most popular hill stations in the state that offers paragliding as a sport and also as a festival. Enjoy the paragliding festivals hosted throughout the year, and it is nothing less than an exciting carnival! Reach the Dang area, an unexplored green belt, and try your hands at the adrenaline filled sports activity of paragliding. Get some training here, and attempt cross country or advanced flying, in case you are the extreme adventure types. If not, then take the paragliding package for amateurs, fly high and get a bird’s eye view the breathtaking landscape.



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